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Supporting You In Bringing
Your Creative Vision To Life...


We Help Intentional Creatives Uplevel Their Mindful Biz & Create Magnetic Content So That They Can Scale Whilst Staying True To Their Why 

 We also help overwhelmed

multi passionate creative entrepreneurs reset and create a mindful routine to live their everyday with ease and avoid burnout 

Enjoy your creative journey 
xx Pili 

Are You A Multi-Passionate Creative ?

Full Of Ideas But Overwhelmed On Where To Start When It Comes To Launching or Scaling Your Creative Biz ?


We Got You.


Maybe you're a creative coach lacking time to create content


a conscious brand owner that doesn't know where to start when it comes to e-commerce


or  simply super overwhelmed & stressed as a creative entrepreneur needing to create wellness habits . 


With Our selection of custom done for you content creation solutions ,  Step by step action oriented online courses, and  personalized coaching we will help you thrive  to finally bring that dream vision to life  for both yourself & your dream biz . 


Create A Mindful routine for a healthy entrepreneur lifestyle 1:1 coaching

Make your brand stand out group coaching

Online Courses for Creative Entrepreneurs

Content creation course for conscious fashion & beauty brands

Custom done for you marketing services for creative brands & coaches

Done for you funnels for course launches


Creative biz tips & biz owner stories 

Little Nuggets Of Wisdom  ...


"Pilar is smart, honest, professional and provides real value. She clearly has over delivered on what she promised!"

-Coco Berlin, confidence & empowerment coach


A little blog with easily digestible nuggets of content around content creation , creative biz tips & interviews with founders of niche creative brands & coaching businesses




Hey I'm Pili, 

Dear mindful inventors,


A little intro about me...

I wanted to introduce myself personally .  Im Pilar , a mindful inventor by heart , a multi-passionate creative business strategist by training, who's mind is very much an idea generator, sound familiar ?   I blame my  constant crave for  inspiration  from nature,  books, exhibitions, podcasts, magazines, which then allows me to create in all different forms. A lover of all things ethical fashion & beauty , wellness I could spend hours browsing DIY recipes on Deliciously Ella  and up cycling tutorials, or the good trade website (who else is guilty?..)


My Education ....

 During my studies in fashion business I became passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainable brands. I realized I wanted more than marketing & more than fashion.


With the boom in online coaching I began to take a handful of online courses from amazing coaches like Melissa Griffen, & Carrie Green , I became extremely interested in finding my purpose  I wanted to actually make an impact and help intentional creatives bring their ideas to life & execute them.


My educational background is in fashion management , which I studied in Istituto Europeo di Design, and due to my curious nature I have also studied other courses from  sustainability with London college of fashion, luxury management at  Institut Francais de la mode, and design thinking at stay hungry , stay foolish .  Most recently I have finished my masters in business entrepreneurship at ELISAVA Barcelona, making me a qualified to helping you launch your ideas into the market. (Education is the guilty pleasure of a multi-passionate creative I must say).I am also a certified yoga teacher , and a lover of all things, meditation, manifestation and journaling. 


My professional experience...


is mainly within different marketing departments for niche fashion brands of all kinds , in Uruguay, Spain and Switzerland (I am one of those international people who doesn't even know where their from) .


Recently in the last years I have worked as a freelance creative marketing VA helping niche conscious brands, & creative coaches with content creation & launch online courses (officially have helped 20 coaches with course launches & content) Before launching mindful inventions with courses, & coaching programs as well as premium done for you services


Thank you dear mindful inventors and I welcome you to my universe which was simply waiting for you . 

 My Why 

I Wanted to give you a little insight into the why of my business as being very purpose driven I believe this is actually the soul & main driving force. My main aim is to help  creatives with lots of wonderful ideas bring them from your imagination to real life & helping you best serve your community. I don't want you to miss the opportunity because you don't have the help, guidance or resources. Additionally I want to make sure that you also create biz aligned with YOUR WHY not loosing it as you grow but rather enhancing it. Im also committed to making  sure that you don't loose yourself along this whole biz journey by prioritizing intentional systems & your wellbeing.  

I obtained my bachelor in fashion business from IED Barcelona which taught me all things brand building, digital marketing

Im actually Uruguayan & Italian but grew up between France & Swiss 

Fun Facts

Interned in content creation ever since I'm 16 starting with roles in blog writing, all the way to brand management 

I have a Hungarian Vizsla dog called Kenzo Who I Love & spoil 

As of October 2020 I have officially worked with over 100 mindful brands helping them through the pandemic struggles by doing volunteer based 1:1 Creative Biz strategy workshops helping them grow and define their unique go to market strategies

In my Free time I love jamming to hip hop tines (think Jay prince) , Painting, DIY projects, checking out new fashion / beauty brands and doing creative online courses or doing an IGTV workout by Joja

Marie Forleo Is literally the older version of me, I love hip hop, creative entrepreneurship and wellness I also always say YASSS & Im of Italian origin  (its actually scary how similar we are really) 

I love geeking out in the fast company page, trend watching, WGSN to hunt down the key trends in fashion, marketing, lifestyle 

I've actually travelled to the one & only Hawaii in 2016

My Fav Website is Creative & Cultivate

Our Values


Imagination & Individuality

Our working methodology integrates creative and interactive tools to bring that child-like wonder, which we believe is where the most innovative solutions hide, we also strongly believe in finding your brand's unique shine, to be able to best stand out

Purpose Driven

Every course, coaching program and unique service we produce starts with identifying your why. We want to make sure you grow your creative biz with intention as that's why you started doing what you do in the first place. 


Offering clear solutions to specific problems

Every service we offer was created with an intentional purpose to help you with your creative biz 

Styled Stock Society Content Creator 21.


Creating unexpected  out of the box solutions, true to your vision combined with our inventive superpower helping to bring that unique magic into your identity


" I couldn't be happier with mindful inventions, 
She had done prior research and already had points in mind for us to talk about. She listened to my concerns about what was challenging and offered suggestions for improvement and solutions to existing problems. The session was very engaging and her professional expertise was very insightful. After the session she gave me the notes of it in a clear written format and continued offering feedback while I was working on her suggestions.
I have already recommended Pilar's services to people I know and would happily continue to do so."

- Radeva , Minimalist fashion brand 


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  • The Conscious brand content guide

  • The Creative side hustle checklist 

  • The Intentional Creative Biz Workbook 

  • The Launch your brand guidebook 

  • The Course funnel checklist 

  • Launch plan content calendar

  • Dream Client Checklist

  • The Mindful Makeover workbook

  • Photoshoot checklist

  • Website copy checklist 

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