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How to develop a clear brand messaging strategy

It is important to have a distinctive brand voice to best represent your brand , beyond the visual aspect.

  1. Figure out your brand persona , this is not your ideal customer but if you're brand was a person who would it be ? What would she wear ? Where would she travel ? What are her personality traits ? really go all in ,

  2. Make a mood-board to best represent you're brand's personality with key words, inspirational images , colours, vibes

  3. Brainstorm key words that best describe your brand in terms of tangible and more intangible aspects . Tangible relate to most obvious, functional attributes. Intangible relate to more abstract attributes that are less obvious

  4. Identify your brand archetype I recommend taking the brand archetype quiz by Kate Putnam , which will help you identify what kind of brand persona your brand fits into according to the key archetypes, for example, the brand NORTH FACE could best be associated with the explorer archetype

  5. Audit your current brand messages within your website and social media and analyze how they are aligned to your ideal brand messaging, integrate those key words you brainstormed , tone and colours from your moodboard

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