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How to set up a launch campaign

The most important campaign you will ever have is your launch, I recommend this be the one you invest on the most.

The key steps to set up your launch campaign:

  1. Make an instagram account ideally 6 months to a year before your launch date , to already build a community

  2. Build an email list strategy before your launch of ideally 250 people (you can use a free lead magnet for this)

  3. Plan your content calendar for the 1 month prior to your launch regarding newsletters and instagram posting, as well as IGTV & stories, make sure you are constantly mentioning your launch

  4. Plan a special bonus for your launch , for example a freebie to go with every order or a specific discount, gift

  5. Identify a creative message you would like to communicate and develop a video campaign around this

  6. Make sure your website user experience is seamless and easy (don't forget payments)

  7. Test out facebook ads ideally 1 month before your campaign to see what types of ads work well and what audience is most likely to convert

  8. Plan an amazing video FB ad for your launch date

  9. Partner up with niche magazines, influencers, and other brands to collaborate on your launch

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