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Top tips for your Etsy shop

Etsy has become a key platform to launch many niche brands . Although I do not recommend it as a long-term strategy , it is a great channel to build a customer base and start building awareness for your new brand, especially within the slow fashion and beauty categories

  1. Have a clear and unique shop introduction that states what you make, for who and why its unique

  2. Design a custom banner using canva with a clear photograph that is representative of what you offer, that has your brand colours and fonts

  3. Have clear product images showcasing the product in a simple white background and the second showcasing the pictures in a lifestyle context

  4. For the product descriptions make sure to include ; sizing, how it's made , material, how to use the product if it's a beauty brand , and how to wear the product if it's a slow fashion brand . and any custom aspect

  5. If possible try to have a personalized option, whether its with the packaging, or a specific garment detail , as many people shop on Etsy for gifts

  6. Reward customers if they post reviews , it can be anything from a free e-book, a percentage off their next order or custom gift. It's important that you assure something in exchange

  7. Optimize your key words, make a list of key words related to your brand that are customer friendly , and include them within your product names and descriptions, also adding the right tags

  8. Add a free downloadable related to your brand philosophy that customers can download in exchange for receiving their email address, you can set it up with mail chimp and create it with canva .

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