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Ready To Take Your Creative Biz To The Next Level Without Doing All The Work ? 

Our  disruptive creative solutions are unlike your classic marketing service we have strategically developed our services to bring that forward thinking edge to  your purpose driven brand .Identifying the key areas of necessity from the conceptualization stage towards scaling, we 've got you  covered no matter what stage your in

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Finally jumping into the dream
of starting your creative biz...

But wait nobody warned you that you had to be a ....

product developer, funnel expert, marketing, social media, time management manager all at the same time .....


and how do people even know I exist ?


I feel Im just talking to myself here....

Or you might be in the scaling phase where your brand is growing quicker than you ever imagined and things seem to be getting out of control .


 I understand what might be going on in your head .......

  • How do I develop a memorable brand messaging?

  • How do I Make My offer or product stand out in a saturated market ?  

  • How can my whole brand come together cohesively online ?

  • How do I know if my product is really gonna sell , what products should I even launch first?

  • What marketing direction do I need to adapt, I don't have any plan in place.... ?

  • How do I find my dream clients ?

  • How do I make sure my course isn't launching to crickets ?

  • What is a sales funnel ? What do I even need to create it ?

  • What should I even communicate on social media ? 

  • What is a launch content plan ?

  • How can I scale making your I still align to my purpose & values ?


Consider us like your creative biz doctor where all of these questions will no longer be complex and overwhelming but will become  manageable methods guiding you from idea to successful launch , all the way to thriving growth. 
Our mission for you being to build a healthy , solid purpose driven creative online biz

The Mindful Process

Anchor 1

We schedule your free workshop 

You email us explaining your interest, and we then book you in for a free 1:1 brainstorming workshop to better understand your challenges & to make sure we can best serve your current problem my offering a concrete solution.

Personalized proposal

We then send over a custom proposal outlining the recommended service that can best respond to the problem adapted to your brand

Free Trial Task, Contract signing & kick off session

Once You Confirm Your Interest we offer one free trial task relating to the service we are offering. Once approved we agree on the contract , if its a one time project you pay 50 % upfront, if its retainer we simply agree on the full amount on a fixed date. Then to get things started we schedule our 1:1 kick off session to clarify any doubts, & project questions on both ends. 


Custom Marketing Plan

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Recommended for stage 1 brands preparing for the launch or re-launch phase

Your Problem: 


Im struggling to define my conscious  brand cohesively,  I have ideas but I need to establish a base for; my marketing mix ,target market, brand values , differentiation, business model and don't know where to start ?

Our Solution:


To build the foundations of a unique purpose-driven brand for launching forward by defining the key marketing strategy  for a  clear action plan to best connect your offer with your target customers  when you launch. 

Service 1

Website Copy 

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.49.27 PM.png

Recommended for stage 1 brands preparing for the launch or re-launch phase

Your Problem:


You need to launch your website soon but are struggling in making it happen you have a brain dump full of notes that make no sense & don't know how to translate this into a clear brand voice to best connect with your audience

Our Solution:


Custom 360 SEO friendly website copy where we will craft the words for all your web pages (Think products, sales pages, why us , values, mission) to effectively engage, connect & convert with your people

Service 2
Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 2.14.46 PM.png

Brand Flash Photography

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.49.21 PM.png

Recommended for starting & scaling brands who want to establish a solid digital presence on social media or online

Your Problem:


Need help to develop  an authentic, unique brand image for your e-commerce & social media to best attract sales

Our Solution:


A unique custom photography package that keeps in mind your brand values, audience needs to assure the best conversion through image

Service 3

Content Creation + Social Media Strategy  

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.49.16 PM.png

Recommended for scaling brands with already a solid foundation, now seeking to build their community / online presence

Your Problem:


I need help to create valuable and strategic content that connects with your niche , communicates your value & sells your offers , products . Or maybe you're needing help setting everything up for that launch without burning out

Our Solution:


We will develop an effective social media strategy according to your priority channels that best engages & converts with your target market to establish a recognizable social media look but also communicate the right messaging. Whilst also creating consistent custom content for your instagram , pinterest, blog , newsletter or facebook group . 

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 2.17.51 PM.png

Sales Funnel For Course / Offer Launches 

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.49.10 PM.png

Recommended for Creative Coaches in the launch phase for new offers , digital products, courses

Your Problem:


You are overwhelmed with all the stuff you need to put together to best launch your course / offer. From  email sequences, freebies, sales pages you don't want to burnout as you still need to show up for your audience. 

Our Solution: 


Done for you , custom funnel + implementation 3 weeks prior to launch ,  to launch your course with ease, flow & success for a stress free experience so you can show up live to your audience & best serve them with value whilst we do the background work.

Why Work With Me ?

I Get It With So Many Options Out There
Why Invest Here?

In Depth 7 years experience helping purpose driven Coaches

& Conscious Brands

All of my experience lies within this niche;  my education, jobs experience and even internship positions, having assisted more than 100 + conscious creative brands & 20 coaches launch their offers, products & create content. Thus being able to offer insider industry knowledge on the latest content creation trends within these niches & how they can be best applied to your biz 

Personalized Services Adapted To Your Specific Biz Stage , Target Market ,  Mission & most importantly your WHY

By adapting a personal approach through Our Content creation & Coaching We assure Everything is totally aligned to your brand, what you truly need, connecting with your target market, clearly communicating your unique why & Communicating your unique voice & style to best stand out in the market and make best use of your investment . I create custom proposals for each of my clients. The Mindful inventions values personalization as the golden key in achieving change and  innovation , aiming to integrate it in the most complete way,  to assure you come out of our experience with a truly unique and relevant solution , responding directly to the specific problem you came to us for in the first place. 

Risk Free

My duty when you become a mindful inventor is to assure that you exit having received dedicated value and solutions. Firstly you always have a free trial task to make sure we both align with each-other's expectations.  This is why my process works on a feedback basis , before establishing the final result I check in with you, show you the proposal to receive   your  valuable feedback and vision , assuring the final outcome is what you trusted me with in the first place. We also offer 2 revisions included in the pricing. This is the extra investment I have made of my time to best serve you. 

Engraving Creative methodologies In Our Project Process

I am constantly searching for new methodologies, strategies,  exercises to make sure your experience with mindful inventions is as fun , memorable , interactive as possible , specially  , for your brand  I love to integrate creative thinking tools to spark curiosity and make trigger fresh ideas from a new perspective and the latest brand strategy exercises to trigger the most spontaneous , solutions. I also love to introduce unexpected ways to be creative . 

Consciously Minded & Purpose-driven

I make sure to select clients who understand the importance of  prioritizing their values & their why before anything else , From Initially  starting out with your why or seeking to still discover it , I'll support you in becoming purpose driven , any service chosen from us from content creation to one of our courses will prioritize your why above everything to set your unique base

Simple & Consistent Communication Throughout The Whole Project

I know the importance of hand holding my clients throughout the process that's why I implement the simplest communication process for you whether that's Asana, Trello, whatsapp, voxer, I got you and will consistently be updating you on my  work  process to keep you worry free and make sure everything is  on track with your vision 

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