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Are you an influencer, illustrator or creative,
thinking about creating your unique online course ? 


We are currently launching an exclusive program with 5 spots for 1:1 coaching  where we take you through the key steps from A-Z to creating your very own online course for your audience, from idea to launch. 

How it works 


VALIDATION: We help you select your couse idea through market research

We make a detailed plan asking your audience about what they want to learn from you , we then come up with that winning idea 


CREATION: Course material creation

We help you create the course material from worksheets & help you plan out your video scripts 


PREPARING: Launch action plan

Here we create a launch action plan to help you sell out your course by communicating it effectively to your target customer


STRUCTURE : Course modules & outline

We then create your course outline together by figuring out the key course modules , what they will include + key learnings 


BRINGING IT TO THE PEOPLE: Marketing & Messaging

We then create a marketing plan to help you actually sell your course, especially helping you create that unique funnel from:  sales page + Emails newsletters + Social media posts



Lastly we help you with anything marketing related once you launch, being your own personal marketing assistants,  such as creating social media content. 

The results?


A passive revenue stream without you having to always create stuff 

Adding Additional Value To your current audience & clients

Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry 

An additional  revenue stream 

Interested in finding out more ? 

Pilar is smart, honest, professional and provides real value. She clearly has over delivered on what she promised!


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